Tuesday, 13 December 2011

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit : Star Buy!

 DEWALT's DC970K-2 18-volt cordless drill. is my Top value buy. Dewalt are one of the leading manufactures in tools, Cordless drills being their flagship range. To think you can get this drill for under $120 here means this purchase is a no brainer really. You will be hard pushed to find a better drill at this price and you can afford this to be your home DIY drill only making an outing now and again. If you need a cordless drill for your profession, this is more than up to the job. With it's 18v power and compact design, any job can be dealt with.


18volt Battery powered.
Motor delivers maximum power of 380 unit watts out
Dual speed range, 0-450/0-1,500 rpm

Drill Construction

Durable Casing
Lighweight weighing 5.2pounds
Comfortable grip

This drill receives 5 star reviews from people in a wide range of professions. The most apt caption I've seen for this drill is that " It's practically a give away ". To get all of what's in the picture above for under $120 here I couldnt't agree more. Won't be long till this is unavailable.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit : THE Heavy Duty Cordless Drill

Sometimes your trade demands heavy duty, powerful tools. Lightweight is nice, gadgets and gizmos can be handy, quick charging batteries are convenient but this is all useless if you need your drill to take a pounding. Milwaulkee are synonymous with Heavy Duty. This is not to say this drill is an unwieldy beast. It's still use able for everyday use but would be a waste for just around the home and DIY Jobs. The Milwaulkee 2691-22 18volt Compact Drill & Impact Driver Set is about brute power. The Compact Drill packs a punch with 400 inch-pounds of torque. A noticeable amount of power when drilling. The Impact driver has a whopping 1400 inch-pounds of torque! If you profession demands power then this set is for you.

This drill isn't brawn over brains as it does come with some trick bits.

  • high speed RPM of 1-1,800 and low speed RPM of 0-450
  • Extremely durable ( 5-year warranty when bought here )
  • Lithium Ion Batteries ( Lighter and more efficient than NiCad batteries )
  • Battery Fuel Gauge Indicators
  • 30 Minute Charger
  • Compact Design - just under 8 inches long
  • LED Lights
  • Belt Hook  ( A handy feature )

You can get this combo for under $200 with carry case and 2 Lithium Batteries and charger and 5 year guarantee. This is unbelievable value for money. This drill gets constant 5 star customer reviews. You really wouldn't need to buy any other drill. Milwaulkee tools are an investment.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact-Tough Litheon Drill/Driver

This drill is perfect for the DIY'er or Professional. This drill is light, powerful and manoeuvrable without the compromise of any of the key features. When buying a drill that has a new snazy key feature it will often mean that another is compromised. This does not apply with this drill.

The Bosch 36618-02 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Compact Drill/Driver uses a slimline Litheon Ion battery which is the key feature of this drill. This helps massively with manoeuvrability for tight jobs and because it's slimline means the drill has a reduced weight, making it's more comfortable to wield for longer periods of time. With batteries like this usually means they either don't hold juice for as long as a normal battery or the torque is reduced to compensate. Not with this drill. This battery doesn't take away more than it gives. Bosch are continually developing their batteries with ECP technology so that their batteries last longer, charge quicker and weigh less. This battery charges in 30 minutes and has 85% life with a 15 minute charge, which is great when you're eager to get a job done.

  • Compact, Lightweight, Durasheild Protective casing to withstand tough wear and tear.
  • 0-500/0-1,600 RPM and 500 inch-pounds of torque
  • 20-position clutch settings for precise drilling.
  • State-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology coupled with ECP system guarantees the optimal performance.
  • LED light is great for dark or enclosed areas
  • 1/2 Inch Chuck
  • Fully Charged within 30 minute
  • 85% LIife with a 15 minute charge
  • 1 Hand Bit Change

This drill falls under the price threshold of what  I would expect to pay for decent drill, which makes this drill an absolute bargain. If you're serious about your profession and your quality of work then you should be buying  a quality drill. With this offer you get 2 slim line batteries with your purchase.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

AEG 3 BSB 18LI 18volt Cordless Combi Drill Review

The AEG 3 BSB 18LI 18volt Cordless Combi Drill is one of the most affordable, versatile drills out there. AEG were the first to bring the world portable power tools over 100 years ago. They're not a brand that everyone knows about and if you want to stay away from the Makita and Dewalt crowd then this drill is for you. My dad uses Makita's and he's constantly has to keep an eye on his tools and can never leave them in the van, Makita's and DeWalts are so distinctive that any tea leaves can spot them a mile away. AEG does away with fancy design and soley concentrates on function. The AEG 3 BSB is a powerful cordless drill with it 18v power. This drill has a whole host of Functions.

18volt Power: 18volt is the perfect power output for a cordless drill it will handle anything. 12volt drills are quickly killed when doing anything a little labourious, 14.4's are silly to go for this output as the price difference between 14.4's and 18v's is minimal but the power difference between them is noticeable and the 24v are too heavy, the batteries are like car batteries and you might aswell switch to a mains powered drill if you need the power without the weight.

Combil Drill: This has 3 speed modes, and a hammer action. Most cordless drills do away with the hammer function, which is used for maisonary drilling, drilling brick work etc because most would switch to a mains operated drill to do this type or work but this is a great feature to have because if you work outside on sites with no power you can still get the job done. Having this fucntion doesn't increase the price. As this is a powerful drill the speed selection means you can do light work with this drill also.

24 Torque Settings: As previously mentioned as this is a 18v drill it is very torquey which is very useful and helps getting jobs done. But you don't always need the power so this has 24 torque settings so you don't snap drill bits and round heads when you don't that much power.

Heavy Duty Construction: You can by 18v drills for very little these days but with this comes less quality and construction. The AEG is a tough drill wich will take a pounding on site which means it will last for years under normal working conditions. Saving your wallet.

Ergonomic soft grip: A great feature. drilling for long periods of time at all different angles takes its toll, so rather than design a flashy looking cordless drill they've specifically focused on making the grip soft and comfortable.

Lightweight: No brainer really, boxed up with its charger it comes in at 2kg. This makes it very versatile and easy to manouver for doing those delicate jobs and precision drilling.
Drill in to tiles all day?

Quick release Battery and One hand chuck : The quick realease battery means no messing trying just to get started after a charge and the one handed chuck means you can go from different drilling modes quickly.

Cons: This drill only comes with one battery, so if you need something that you can use all day long you may want to look for something with two batteries or something flash like the Makita BHP452RFWX.

Pro's: The above doesn't really count if you want something realible around the home or if you don't require using a drill all day at work. What is also great about this drill is that it comes with a hard carry case and drill bit set which will save you money.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Black & Decker EPC18CA 18-Volt Cordless Drill Review

The B&D (Black & Decker) EPC18CA 18-Volt Cordless Drill is the perfect drill for general maintainence and jobs around the home due it's amazing value for money. This is stripped of any fancy gadgets, futuristic batteries or refined ergonomic design and concentrates on doing the job of drilling. It does have the most important features needed to carry out a wide range of task's and they are 18volt Power, Reverse switch, quick release battery, 24 torque adjustable clutch to accomodate various jobs and keyless chuck for easy drill bit change. This is also a light weiht drill weighing at just 2kg's, ( roughly 2 bags of sugar ) which makes it a very versatile drill to use. This drill wouldnt be up to rigourous hard labour of working a trade but will be more than enough around the home. It is great for hobby'sts too as it more than capabable of drilling through wood, plaster and metal. This drill doesn't have a hammer action so isnt suitable for maisonary (brick work). You don't need anything more powerful than 18volt for a cordless drill, another indication that this drill is up to the job. Even though this is a very affordable drill it still has excellent durability, in terms of construction and battery life.

 If your're looking for something to have around the home to assemble flat pack furniture or putting up pictures, have in the shed or to use on your hobby, then this is drill is perfect. This is a powerful, no frills drill to get the job done. What you get in the Cheapest package price I found is :

  • 1 x Black & Decker EPC18CA 18 volt drill driver

  • 1 x 18 volt battery

  • 1 x Battery charger

  • 1 x Instruction booklet

  • (Note the lack of carry case) This is only needed if you plan on transporting the drill regularly.

    Sunday, 26 June 2011

    Bosch PSR 18-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review

    If you looking for a drill for jobs around the house and moderate professional work, then the Bosch PSR 18 volt Cordless drill, is well worth a look. As most of my reviews are based on the top of the range 18 volt drills due to the nature of a drills dutites in the trade, it's hard to consider something with a low price tag. Bosch are cosntantly providing exceptional tools, for low cost's. Bosch Drills and Bosch tools in genereal for that matter are a favourite for many, due to their value for money. Every home should have a drill, but not everyone needs a £250+ one. This is where the Bosch PSR Cordless drill comes in. Not everyone needs a cordless drill that has a hammer function for masonary ( Brickwork ) as most home DIY'ers will very rarely require this, so this drill doesn't have it. This obviously helps Bosch with keeping their cost's down and being able to pass back to the customer. Some of the latest functions in drill technology such as the Makita Anniversary, 22minute battery charging capability is only warrented in a demanding trade, so Bosch have provided 2 batteries with this drill which each last an age and give you constant power, as the battery will charge well before the other dies. Another reason why Bosch can keep their prices down. One thing that Bosch don't compramise on and share with other top brands, is Quality. Another reason why they have such a loyal fan base. Even though this drill is up to 5 times less than the price of other drills I've reviewed, it can still hold its own. Here are the specs and features.

    Bosch PSR Specs:

    • Compact Design
    • Keyless chuck
    • Softgrip
    • Lightweight
    • Forward/reverse function
    • Sturdy Storage/Carry Case
    • 10 pre-selectable torque settings plus drill setting
    • 2x high power output batteries
    • Quick Change battery feature
    • Built in run-out brake
    • Built in sight light

    The ergornomic design means it great to hold and operate. It also has a built in sight light to make those jobs just a little easier, building wardrobes, putting up the shed, working in the loft. The keyless chuck uses a 2 handed action to operate and has an acoustic click to let you know the bit is secure. This means no burning of the hands which you get with one hand chucks and some drills due to their high torque output mean you need a tight grip to release which can be annoying at times. It comes with the usual forward and reverse gearbox and 10 torque settings to cover all manner of tasks. The 2 high power output batteris mean you will be able to work all day long. It has a quick run out brake which means you can screw multiple screws quickly but this also helps to prolong the life of the drill. The whole package is contained in a sturdy durable carry case that means its easy to take from job to job and also be stored away neatly and easily.

    Looking back I can see why this is a great seller and why it receives high reviews. This package will suit a wide audience from your home DIYer to the someone starting out in the trade career. A perfect gift as this is great value for money.

    To read the scores of reviews and to get the best price (almost a 50% reduction ) see here.

    A great addition to this is the Bosch 50 piece Drill set which combined with the Bosch PSR comes in at under £100!!!

    Saturday, 25 June 2011

    Makita BHP452RFWX 18V Li-ion Celebration Combi Drill

    Makita need no introduction as for many years they have been at the top for producing top quality tradesman tools. Their Cordless drills are their flagship range. The Makita BHP452RFWX 18v Celebration Combi drill has the usual Makita quality treatment. This model marks  Makita's 35 aniversary. A key feature of Makita Cordless drills is their compact size, this makes them a very agile drill to use and can be used for a long period of time,so are very popular amongst the trades. Ideal for dry liners. Makita are pushing the technology for cordless drills, they have always had great batteries and usually supplied with 2, The Aniversary just has one (BL1830) but this battery can be charged in 22minutes! A very valuable feature

    The Specs.

    18 volt lithium ion 2 speed combi drill
    Limited Edition White Model
    1 x 3AH li-ion battery
    Aluminium carry case
    22minute charger
    Photographers style aluminium case.Features:Ergonomic shape
    5x lower self-discharge (for use any time) 
    built-in chip in the battery and built-in CPU chip in the charger.The Charger also uses Active 3 Control for current control, thermal control & voltage control22-minute Optimum
    Charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery to prolong life
    Screwdriver bitAluminium case
    Torque Tolerences:
    No Load Speed: Lo:0-400 / Hi:0-1500Impacts/Minute: Lo:0-6,000 / Hi:0-22500Max in Steel: 13mmMax in Masonary: 38mmMax in Wood: 13mmTorque Settings S/H Nm: 16Torque: 32 / 50 Nm.

    This is a great piece of kit and recieves excellent reviews from consumers.

    "....Anyone thinking of buying a drill - get this baby!"

    "....This is by far the best cordless drill I have ever owned"

    "...great drill and I would recommend it 100%"

    To view more consumer reviews form click here.

    For the best price and additional options see here

    Thursday, 23 June 2011

    Dewalt DC729KA 18volt Cordless Drill

    Dewalt are synonymous with professional quality. The Dewalt DC729KA Cordless Drill is at the top of what Dewalt offer. The task of putting up a picture or curtain rail for the DIYer will be effortless and it won't bat an eyelid to day in, day out, hard graft of the trade, hence why this is the professionals choice. It is a very versatile cordless drill, that doesn't lack in one area to make up for another. What is often commented on is the DC7's Power something that most 18v drills lack. With its adjustable torque settings you can go from heavy weighty drilling to the lightness of drilling plasterboard. It is noticeably heavier than other 18v drills, which indicates its quality and durability and why it out performs other 18v drills. It's not unweildly either, it is a well balanced drill that will give you precision accuracy. The great thing about this drill is that you will be only buying a DC729KA drill once, many of the amazon reviews say that they weren't happy with their previous drills until they knew they need the best and bought this.


    17 adjustable position torque control
    2 speed gearbox
    2x 1.3 AD NiCD Batteries
    Variable speed trigger
    10mm Chuck lock
    Reverse switch.

    This drill will save you time and money, as this will be your only cordless drill for a long time. For the best price with free delivery click here.

    Great addition to this is drill is the Dewalt 90 piece drill bit set.