Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bosch PSR 18-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Review

If you looking for a drill for jobs around the house and moderate professional work, then the Bosch PSR 18 volt Cordless drill, is well worth a look. As most of my reviews are based on the top of the range 18 volt drills due to the nature of a drills dutites in the trade, it's hard to consider something with a low price tag. Bosch are cosntantly providing exceptional tools, for low cost's. Bosch Drills and Bosch tools in genereal for that matter are a favourite for many, due to their value for money. Every home should have a drill, but not everyone needs a £250+ one. This is where the Bosch PSR Cordless drill comes in. Not everyone needs a cordless drill that has a hammer function for masonary ( Brickwork ) as most home DIY'ers will very rarely require this, so this drill doesn't have it. This obviously helps Bosch with keeping their cost's down and being able to pass back to the customer. Some of the latest functions in drill technology such as the Makita Anniversary, 22minute battery charging capability is only warrented in a demanding trade, so Bosch have provided 2 batteries with this drill which each last an age and give you constant power, as the battery will charge well before the other dies. Another reason why Bosch can keep their prices down. One thing that Bosch don't compramise on and share with other top brands, is Quality. Another reason why they have such a loyal fan base. Even though this drill is up to 5 times less than the price of other drills I've reviewed, it can still hold its own. Here are the specs and features.

Bosch PSR Specs:

  • Compact Design
  • Keyless chuck
  • Softgrip
  • Lightweight
  • Forward/reverse function
  • Sturdy Storage/Carry Case
  • 10 pre-selectable torque settings plus drill setting
  • 2x high power output batteries
  • Quick Change battery feature
  • Built in run-out brake
  • Built in sight light

The ergornomic design means it great to hold and operate. It also has a built in sight light to make those jobs just a little easier, building wardrobes, putting up the shed, working in the loft. The keyless chuck uses a 2 handed action to operate and has an acoustic click to let you know the bit is secure. This means no burning of the hands which you get with one hand chucks and some drills due to their high torque output mean you need a tight grip to release which can be annoying at times. It comes with the usual forward and reverse gearbox and 10 torque settings to cover all manner of tasks. The 2 high power output batteris mean you will be able to work all day long. It has a quick run out brake which means you can screw multiple screws quickly but this also helps to prolong the life of the drill. The whole package is contained in a sturdy durable carry case that means its easy to take from job to job and also be stored away neatly and easily.

Looking back I can see why this is a great seller and why it receives high reviews. This package will suit a wide audience from your home DIYer to the someone starting out in the trade career. A perfect gift as this is great value for money.

To read the scores of reviews and to get the best price (almost a 50% reduction ) see here.

A great addition to this is the Bosch 50 piece Drill set which combined with the Bosch PSR comes in at under £100!!!


  1. I love Bosch cordless drill because it is excellent tools for medium duty works. It has good power and long lasting charge.

  2. thanks for all your help.
    Thank You for this very valuable information. I found this gem in a second hand store. I had no knowledge about it, but knew it was a quality watch. Your information about the Power Reserve Indicator was extremely helpful.

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