Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dewalt DC729KA 18volt Cordless Drill

Dewalt are synonymous with professional quality. The Dewalt DC729KA Cordless Drill is at the top of what Dewalt offer. The task of putting up a picture or curtain rail for the DIYer will be effortless and it won't bat an eyelid to day in, day out, hard graft of the trade, hence why this is the professionals choice. It is a very versatile cordless drill, that doesn't lack in one area to make up for another. What is often commented on is the DC7's Power something that most 18v drills lack. With its adjustable torque settings you can go from heavy weighty drilling to the lightness of drilling plasterboard. It is noticeably heavier than other 18v drills, which indicates its quality and durability and why it out performs other 18v drills. It's not unweildly either, it is a well balanced drill that will give you precision accuracy. The great thing about this drill is that you will be only buying a DC729KA drill once, many of the amazon reviews say that they weren't happy with their previous drills until they knew they need the best and bought this.


17 adjustable position torque control
2 speed gearbox
2x 1.3 AD NiCD Batteries
Variable speed trigger
10mm Chuck lock
Reverse switch.

This drill will save you time and money, as this will be your only cordless drill for a long time. For the best price with free delivery click here.

Great addition to this is drill is the Dewalt 90 piece drill bit set.


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